Good Manners in Islam

I was watching the playlist of Abu Taymiyyah — 101 Manners. I have jotted down some of the main points from the playlist.

  1. Smile
  2. Good manners when dealing with people
  3. Treat people the same you want to be treated
  4. Have a pleasant face (you cannot please all the people with your wealth, but you can with a pleasant face ad showing good manners when dealing with them).
  5. Spread goodness
  6. Remove harm
  7. Do what God is telling you to do, if you don’t you are being badly mannered towards God.
  8. First thing you need to do is learn etiquette with God. How? Leaving off sinning and doing what is obligatory.
  9. Be conscious of God when you are alone
  10. Anybody who prefers other than Allah and pus Allah behind everything else, its only a matter of time that which you have loved and put before God will bring you harm.
  11. Whoever goes after pleasing the people and in that he rages Allah, Allah will become angry with him that he will make the people angry and enraged with him.
  12. Having good thoughts of Allah and assuming the best is one of the ways to really get what you are looking for. Never does a person have good thoughts of Allah, except that he will give it to him.
  13. Seek forgiveness when you are in calamities, blame your first, not others.
    Put urself in a win-win situation in calamities by rushing back to Allah. If a person seeks forgiveness he isn’t loosing anything. If it is because Allah love u have gotten closer to Allah by seeking forgiveness. If it is because of your sin. Then u have earned the love of Allah swt. Indeed Allah loves those who constantly rush back to him n purify themselves. If u say Astaghfirullah difficult situation u r going through may turn into blessings.
  14. Respect prophet Muhammad pbuh, by doing what Prophet Muhammad taught us.
    “(3:31) (O Messenger!) Tell people: ‘If you indeed love Allah, follow me, and Allah will love you and will forgive you your sins. Allah is All-Forgiving, All-Compassionate.” (translation by Islam studies)
    When the commandment of Allah or his messenger, arrives at its time for that which we need to carry out and we don’t we are indirectly saying, that Allah is not the greatest. Pray salah on time.

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